This week we meet a group of shepherds, hard working people who spent their lives in the hills outside of the towns and villages caring for the safety and well-being of their flocks. 

Scripture is filled with stories of shepherds and sheep. God is frequently known as the good shepherd, and God’s flock are loved and cared for above all else. How telling that we meet this band of exuberant shepherds praising along our way.

Light three of the four Advent candles if you have an Advent wreath, or light any candle as a reminder that Christ is always with us.

Advent Prayer

God who sent the angels to the shepherds, in the presence of your glory may we not be afraid, but go with courage to see all that you show us today. Amen.

Scripture Readings for Each Day of the Week








Luke 2:8-11

Luke 2:12-14

Luke 2:15-16

Luke 2:17-20 

Psalm 23

John 10:11-15

Isaiah 40:10-11

Advent 2020

Closing Prayer

We sing with the angels, O God. Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on earth peace among those whom God favors.   Amen.


For younger children, hearing bible stories read aloud directly from scripture can be challenging hearing these same stories read aloud from an excellent children’s bible storybook can make them come alive and become far more memorable for young children. The Sparks Story Bible, published by Sparkhouse, reveals the great, awe-inspiring stories of God through wonderfully expressive images and age appropriate language for our children.

For this reason, we have the Sparks Story Bibles available for families with younger children. Families may choose to use these Spark stories each week for their Advent devotions, or may choose to blend the Spark stories along with the weekly readings from scripture. Each family will know best what will work for them.

Spark Story Bibles are available at Family of Christ, or we will gladly deliver one to families who wish to use this wonderful resource. Call the church office at 308-236-7704 or send an email request to for your copy.

This Week’s Stories from the Spark Story Bible (read throughout the week)

‘Jesus Is Born’, p. 214-215. Do not begin this story on p. 212. 

Read only p. 214-215. We’ll read the rest of this story at Christmas. 

‘The Lord Is My Shepherd’ p. 160-163


If you would like to add additional songs, stories, family activities, recipes and crafts to expand your Advent journey, use this fun Advent Living Room (courtesy of Northeastern Ontario and Bermuda Synod). Each Sunday of Advent these weekly devotions will be uploaded to our room, along with new activities for you to experience. Click on the objects found in the room and enjoy your Advent journey.