We are currently in the process of a call for a new Minister.

During this time of transition at Family of Christ, Pastors Carlson are leading worship with Holy Communion once a month and are available for emergency pastoral care needs, including hospital visitation and funerals.

Rev. Michelle Holley Carlson, PhD

Rev. Rick Carlson, PhD

The Pastors Carlson are the Co-Lead Pastors of First Lutheran Church in Kearney, NE. In 2017, they moved from Gettysburg, PA to Kearney. Both have lived in various places in the Midwest and East Coast. Pastor Rick was a professor of Biblical Studies at Gettysburg Seminary for 27 years. Prior to that he held two congregational calls in Minnesota. Pastor Michelle was high school English teacher before heading to seminary. She taught Religious Education courses as an adjunct at a variety of seminaries on the East Coast and had a congregational call near Frederick, MD.

They have three children, two of whom live in Virginia and one who lives in Oregon. When they are not working, they enjoy traveling the world and playing backgammon

In addition we welcome two PMA’s (Parish Ministry Associate) assisting with our other Saturday/Sunday worship services.

Thank you to Wendy and Linda

Wendy Wyatt, PMA

I’m from Indiana, but lived in upstate New York, North Carolina and Iowa before moving to rural Nebraska 8 years ago. 

I’m a teacher at heart and have spent time in classrooms, however, I also spent 17 years running the technical support department for a software company. (No, you have not heard of it.) I always considered tech support to be teaching adults while wearing a headset. I consider ministry to be both teaching and learning.

I am married, however, my husband has advanced Parkinsons disease and lives in a care home. That is one more lens for me to use when looking at the world.

We came to Nebraska as our only child and his wife settled here and gave us two grandchildren. Besides ministry, they are my two little lights.

I finished the requirements for PMA and was blessed into this ministry June 2023. Technically, I’m currently a pulpit supply minister. Changing congregations week to week seems odd to me and I prefer to work with the same church regularly. That’s why I’m so happy to be working with Family of Christ.  


Linda Jasch, PMA