For Christmas you’re getting a virtual singing and signing choir!

This year has been a bit different and this Christmas is going to be a bit different. Instead of gathering in person on one night we are gathering bits and pieces of a puzzle that will be put together so we can all experience them together. One of our favorite pieces of the puzzle is being led in music by our young people so this is how we’re going to have them lead.

Below you will find two songs and instructions on how to record and get your videos to us.

Happy Advent and Christmas preparation!


Step 1: Learn the song and signs

Step 2: Find a quiet nicely lit place to record in landscape mode (wide not tall). 

Step 3: Put on headphones so we only hear your singing and not the recording. 

Step 4: Record yourself singing and signing along with the video (either in the same video or separate.

Step 5: Open this link: 2020 Christmas Songs and upload your video.

If you need help or extra guidance send and email to or call at (308) 236-7704.

Away in a Manger

Silent Night