Midweek Advent and Lent Suppers

We have potluck soup / sandwich / dessert suppers in the church basement after Wednesday evening services in Advent and Lent. Advent is the season of Christmas preparation of 4 weeks before December 25th. Lent, beginning with Ash Wednesday, is 7 weeks before Easter (with no Wednesday service during the week just before Easter.)

Passover Dinner

Since 1990, Family of Christ has held the Seder Supper (what Jesus celebrated ‘the night he was betrayed’) on the Thursday before Easter. Instructions will be available for family participation. Through it we gain a rich understanding of Holy Communion. Reserve the Thursday before Easter. This is usually held at the Lutheran Center at the UNK campus – set up is at 6 p.m. / 6:30 p.m. supper.

Consecration Night

Our annual opportunity to gather around a Stewardship focus. Since 1999, we’ve had a Wednesday evening in November in a shared potluck meal. In 2006 we entered a theme of Ya Gotta Have Heart, encouraging us to grow in our tithing over the next 10 years.

Every Sunday Prayers

Do you have someone that you would like us to remember in worship prayers? Place the name of the individual (we will list only first name) on the sheet by the bulletins, along with a projected number of weeks we should list their name in corporate prayers. Also Family of Christ has a prayer chain – members of the chain include individuals on the pray list in there daily prayers.  If you or someone you know is in need of prayers please feel free to contact either Jane David @ 308 293-2466 or Kelly Hauff @ 308 293-1756.