Want to dig deep into the Bible’s big story?

Have you wished you could understand the Scriptures in the larger narrative?


CROSSWAYS may be the program for you.  The course is a two-year adventure in studying the Bible (40 units on the Old Testament, 20 on the New Testament message).  With a thorough study of each biblical book and 147 full-page illustrations, you will work through the Scriptures in detail.  The overall theme stresses grace as the key word, and Jesus as Interpreter of all Scripture, and our servanthood as a response to grace. 

The course will be offered on Thursday evenings, starting in January, excluding summer at Family of Christ Lutheran Church.

Cost: $65 for the material (financial help is available).  Call 236-7704 and leave your name and telephone number, or e-mail familyofchristkearney@gmail.com