The hill called Golgotha was not empty that Friday. Besides the crosses and those dying upon them, there were witnesses—watchers on that ancient hill. This series of special services for Lent attempts to overhear the conversations between those first-century characters—some historical, some fictitious—as they witnessed the death of our Lord. With the cross as the focal point and the final words of Jesus as the common thread, each drama works to draw us into the reality and significance of our Savior’s death, celebrating, at last, the miracle of our salvation.

  • On Ash Wednesday we find that, even as Simon of Cyrene left the cross in the dust of Calvary, so, too, we leave our sins.
  • As Judas visits the cross of the master he betrayed, we discover that Jesus’ sacrifice means that even the greatest of sins can be forgiven.
  • In a thought-provoking dialog between a callous observer and the sister of a thief, we are let in on the discovery that heaven is ours.
  • As two women contemplate “The Good Son,” we, too, are led to contemplate Jesus’ obedience … “even unto death.”
  • Two soldiers stand guard at the cross, turning our thoughts to a journey only the Son of God could return from—the descent into hell.
  • As Mary Magdalene and Nicodemus await the final, wrenching moments of their master’s life, we witness God’s great gift of salvation.